NEXT GENERATION OF KORG ANALOG SYNTHS - Prologue 16, 8, monolugue and minilogue

KORG analog synths are in an absolute golden age with four massive-sounding offerings for musicians and producers at all levels. The KORG prologue 16 and prologue 8 are performance analog synthesizers with crisp VCOs and an all-new open source digital MULTI ENGINE oscillator for endless user customization; the KORG minilogue is a compact 4-voice analog synth that’s not only affordable and easy to use, but has become an all-star fan favorite among synthesizer power-users and musicians new to synthesizers alike; and the KORG monologue is a 2-VCO monosynth capable of screaming leads and fat basses that far exceed its small, battery-powered size.
Connect all four via USB to your computer to seamlessly sync MIDI and step up your synth sounds and let your creativity flow!
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